Web privacy, cookies and marketing

We know that privacy information can become quite confusing, so we have tried to make these details as straightforward as possible. On this page, we have separated out the information about how we respect your privacy when you use our website, social media, or subscribe to our newsletter. You can also read our full Privacy Notice.

Website cookies

This website is built using Squarespace. Squarespace uses cookies (small files which get downloaded onto your computer) to help the website to run. Some of the cookies are essential and some are not. It is very useful for us if we can use cookies which tell us where you come from and how you have accessed the site, but these cookies are optional - you can avoid them simply by leaving the cookie banner at the bottom of the page open. You can read Squarespace’s Cookie Policy, and find out more information about the types of cookies Squarespace uses.

Newsletter cookies

Our newsletter is hosted by Mailchimp. If you decide to subscribe, you will be taken to a different page to sign up. Mailchimp uses cookies in a similar way to Squarespace. It also uses technology to let us know information like who has opened the newsletter. You can find out more by reading Mailchimp’s Cookie Statement.


We use emails to carry out direct marketing. We will never call or text you for marketing purposes unless you have contacted us to request a service and have agreed for us to follow up with you by phone. If you sign up for our newsletter, you are consenting for us to send you marketing information. You can of course unsubscribe at any time - there will be an unsubscribe link in every email.

Social media

We will respect your privacy on social media. For example, we will not send you individual direct messages for marketing purposes. We do not use Facebook Messenger because we do not believe it is a safe and secure way of collecting your information. We are very happy to answer general questions on social media, but please contact us via email, telephone or via this site for any personal queries.