Our name



A thorny tree, bearing yellow or white flowers, able to grow in hot, dry or poor conditions and producing a strong, durable and attractive wood.

Beauty products made from acacia extracts.

Life in the desert. Hope out of suffering.

Strength in adversity.

Anyone who has experienced chronic pain knows that it has the power to sap our energy, limit our horizons, and take all the joy out of life. We needed a symbol that would stand for hope in the face of all the problems that life throws at us: the Acacia is that symbol.

Not only is Acacia wood beautiful and useful, but Acacia gum has healing properties and is used as a medicine. It also has many different uses in food and drink.

A flowering acacia tree in a barren landscape.

It is often said that your body is a temple. In the times of the Ancient Israelites, the first, portable temple to their God was created out of Acacia wood so that his presence could go with his people in the desert. In the New Testament times, the old temple made out of wood and stone was done away with: the new temple was the bodies of God’s people. Our bodies are fragile and susceptible to pain and illness, yet capable of amazing dignity and strength. It is that dignity and strength which we seek to recognise in each person who approaches ACACIA Freedom from Pain for support.

The Acacia tree is a reminder that vibrant life can, and does, arise in desert places. It is a powerful symbol of hope, life and strength, a reminder of the awe-inspiring capacity of our human bodies, and a quiet nod of gratitude to the one I draw my strength from.