About Emma Kemp

Photo of Emma Kemp.

Like many people who work in this field of stress illness recovery, I came into it by chance. I had experienced various symptoms all my life, one after the other and sometimes simultaneously: headaches and neck pain, backache, fatigue, irritable bowel and heartburn, ice-cold feet, nerve pain in my hands and arms, unexplained itching, dry eyes… Most of the time, no doctor could even explain my symptoms, much less offer a treatment. Years down the line, a friend of mine offered me a book to read, Think Away Your Pain by David Schechter. Feeling more than a little dubious, I nonetheless agreed to read the book. To my surprise, the book made sense, and after following its advice, I quickly started to see improvements in my symptoms. As a consequence, I began to feel indignant that so many people are trapped in chronic pain and stress-related illness when they could be free from pain.

This led me to SIRPA, the Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners’ Association. As an experienced social worker, I knew that I had the professional skills to support others to address their pain and other symptoms. It’s become something of a mission: I’m determined to help as many people as possible get free of the symptoms that take the joy out of life. 

I am currently offering treatment as a SIRPA Student, under the supervision of a qualified SIRPA Professional. Although offering the SIRPA approach is new to me, I have more than 10 years’ expertise of working with people to resolve their problems and get the best out of life. For more information about my professional background, registration and the code of ethics that I follow, click here.